HCl for Oil and Gas Industry

HYDROCHLORIC ACID for oil and gas industry

TU 20.59.59-066-53501222-2019

Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid For Oil And Gas Industry is meant  specially for acid stimulation of oil and gas well with the purpose of increasing hydrocarbon recovery. 

Application Area

  • Acid stimulation of oil and gas production wells when the productivity was reduced due to precipitation and blockage of the critical area of formation with inorganic matters, and due to oil-water emulsions.
  • Fresh well completion after drilling operation, well switching into new production horizons, re-start of the well after conservation.
  • Improving the injectivity in injection wells when the injectivity was affected by formation plugging with rust precipitation, suspended solids in injected water, precipitation formed as a result of incompatibility of salts in injection water and in formation waters, as well as by the products of vital activity of bacteria.
  • Conversion of production wells into injection wells


  • The product is synthetic HCl in its nature.

  • Weight percent of hydrogen chloride  depending on the grade varies from 20 % to 32 %.
  • The product does not contain hydrogen fluoride.
  • Iron content is not more than 20 g/m3

  • Low inter-phase tension in the area acid-oil contact.
  • Low corrosion speed at high temperatures.

Delivery and packing

Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid For Oil And Gas Industry is supplied in 1000 liter PE containers, in acid tank trucks or in rubber-lined railway cisterns.

Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid For Oil And Gas Industry is certified for the application in oil-and-gas industry.

To select the optimal design of application and consumption rates contact the specialists of Sales & Service Department of Polyex company.

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