Acid fluid modifier МК-7

Modifier for acid stimulation fluid МК-7

TU 2458-081-53501222-2011

Modifier for acidic stimulation fluids MK-7, ferric reducer, is designed as an additive for the acidic composition of FLUXOCORE®210 and KSPEO brands which prevents precipitation in the presence of surplus of ferric iron during acid stimulation of production wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. Acid fluid MK-7 is added into the acid stimulation fluids in case of surplus of ferric salts preventing their compatibility with oils.

Modifier for acidic stimulation fluids МК-7 is available in three grades: МК-7 grade A, МК-7 grade B and МК-7 grade R, and depending of the grade is either  dry mixture of organic heterocyclic compounds and aromatic compounds, or a liquid mixture of aromatic and specialized additives in organic solvents.

Application area of acid stimulation fluids modified with MK-7

  • Stimulation of oil recovery in production wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs in the presence of surplus of ferric iron.
  • Fresh production well completion after drilling operations, well switching to new production horizons, re-start of the wells after conservation.


Grade МК-7 grade А  МК-7 grade B  МК-7 grade R 
Appearance  Crystal powder of white color. Tints of  greyish
or light brownish (for grade A) yellowish
(for grade B) are permitted   
Transparent fluid
with the color
varying from
colorless to yellow
pH of10% water solution,
         2-8           -             - 
Mass fraction of main material,
%, Not less than   
        90.0         70.0          60.0
Density at 20°С, g/cm3,
within the range   
           -            -      1.12 – 1.14
Freezing temperature,
°С, not higher than 
           -            -      Minus 30
Customer Benefits

  • Adding of modifier MK- 7 to acidic stimulation fluids prevents precipitation at the interaction of  acid fluid  with oil in the presence of surplus of ferric iron in the concentration up to 5 000 ppm.










Recommended Consumption 

The chemical is added directly into the acid stimulation fluid The consumption of the chemical is determined with laboratory tests in accordance with the specific application conditions of the customers. Maximal consumption of the chemical is not higher than 1.5% by the commodity form. 

To organize laboratory tests on the selection of acidic modifier MK-7 it is recommended to contact the specialists of Service & Sales Department of Polyex company.


Dry modifiers for acid stimulation fluids MK-7 grade A and MK-7 grade B are supplied in PP bags by 50 kg.

Liquid modifier for acidic compositions MK-7 grade R is supplied in steel drums by 227 l or in PP containers by 1 m3. If demanded the chemical may be supplied in automobile or railway cisterns.

The products are certified for the application in oil and gas industry.

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