Acid additive of inhibiting action ACIRONIX®-IC

TU 20.59.59-141-53501222-2019 

Acid additive ACIRONIX®-IC has the properties of acid corrosion inhibitor and is meant for application as a component of acid stimulation fluids based on HCl or on the mixtures of HCl/HF, including acidic compositions of FLUXOCORE® and KSPEO brands, which are used for oil recovery stimulation in production wells and enhancing the infectivity of injection wells in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.

Adding of acid additive ACIRONIX®-IC as a component of acid stimulation fluid provides the effective anticorrosive protection of equipment against acid corrosion within wide temperature ranges (up to 100°С). It also reduces the risks of oil-acid emulsion forming while the contact of oil with acid, due to reducing of interfacial tension in oil-modified acid interface area.

Acid additive ACIRONIX®-IC is a mixture of organic chemicals and surfactants well soluble in mineral acids. The product is available in three commodity forms, varying in freezing temperature and meant for different weather conditions.

Application Area

  • Protection of black steel equipment used in chemical, petrochemical and oil-producing industry.
  • Protection of equipment against acid corrosion at high HCl concentrations or high temperatures.

Type 1  Type 2  Type 3
Appearance  Liquid with the color varying from yellow to brown with opalescence 
Density at 20 оС, g/сm3,  
within the range
1.00-1.10        -  1.04-1.12 
Freezing point, оС,
not higher than 
Minus 30  Minus 40  Minus 50 
Mass fraction of active substance,
%, within the range   
38 - 46 28-36 26.5-32.5 
Specific corrosion rate for steel St3
at 90 оС in 20 % solution of HCl
at the acid additive consumption
of 10 g/dm3, g/m2*hour,
not more than  
2.5       -      -

Customer Benefits

  • Acid additive ACIRONIX®-IC shows high inhibiting performance in HCl solutions as well as in HCl/HF solutions.  
  • ACIRONIX®-IC facilitates acidic solution preparation and it is completely soluble in acid (it does not spoil the appearance of the acid stimulation fluid and does not change its color).
  • ACIRONIX®-IC reduces interfacial tension in oil-acid interface area.
  • ACIRONIX®-IC provides deep penetration of acid stimulation fluid into critical area of formation.
  • ACIRONIX®-IC prevents forming of acid-oil emulsions in critical area of formation.
  • Possibility of prolonged (up to 12 months) storage of modified acid containing ACIRONIX®-IC (including 30%-HCl acids) with keeping stable properties and keeping the inhibiting effect. 


Process Technique

ACIRONIX®-IC is injected into concentrated or working solutions of hydrochloric acid or acidic compositions. Consumption of the chemical is adjusted with laboratory tests taking into account the particular conditions of the objects of application (acid fluid composition, actual acid concentration, application temperature, corrosion rate specified norms, etc.)

Average consumption of acid additive ACIRONIX®-IC is 0.2-1.0% of the volume of acid fluid being inhibited.

To obtain more information for the selection of the most optimal type and consumption rate of the chemical please consult the specialists of Service & Sales department of POLYEX jsc.

Delivery and packing

Acid additive ACIRONIX®-IC is supplied in polyethylene drums by 50 or 227 l or polyethylene containers by 1m3. It is acceptable to supply the product in railway tanks.


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